Styling Graph Objects

By default, there are named colors called blue, orange, green, red, purple, brown, magenta, grey or gray, and olive. These correspond to the colors in d3.schemeCategory10. Circle A below is colored this way.

Because d3 is available, you can access other d3 color functions; for example, circle B uses the purple in the d3.schemeDark2 palette.

You can specify a hex color code (as in circle C) and RGB color code (as in circle D); however, notice that the hex codes need to be wrapped in double quotes and then single quotes in order to be read properly!

layout: OneGraph: graph: objects: - Circle: center: [3,7] color: red label: {text: A} - Circle: center: [7,7] color: d3.schemeDark2[2] label: {text: B} - Circle: center: [3,3] color: "'#224466'" label: {text: C} - Circle: center: [7,3] color: rgb(245, 215, 66) label: {text: D}

You can specify names of colors in the colors attribute and use them for multiple objects:

colors: PurpleCow: rgb(81,38,152) GarnetRed: "'#781C2E'" layout: OneGraph: graph: objects: - Circle: center: [5,5] color: PurpleCow - Arrow: begin: [2,2] end: [8,2] color: GarnetRed

Some objects can have both a stroke color (for lines/curves) and a fill color (to fill an area). If you just use color as an attribute, it will use that color for both of these. However, if you want a different color for the stroke and fill, you need to specify them separately:

layout: OneGraph: graph: objects: # color not specified (blue is default) - Circle: center: [2,5] # red specified, used for stroke and fill - Circle: center: [5,5] color: red # different stroke and fill colors specified - Circle: center: [8,5] stroke: blue fill: red

Note that each shape type has a default color (points and circles are blue, lines are orange, etc.) so that they show up even if you don’t specify a color.

Stroke attributes

Besides colors, strokes can have different attributes:

layout: OneGraph: graph: objects: # default - Line: {yIntercept: 10} # thin - Line: {strokeWidth: 0.5, yIntercept: 8} # thick - Line: {strokeWidth: 10, yIntercept: 6} # dashed - Line: {lineStyle: dashed, yIntercept: 4} # dotted - Line: {lineStyle: dotted, yIntercept: 2}

Fill attributes

Besides colors, fills can also have different attributes:

layout: OneGraph: graph: objects: # default opacity (0.2) - Circle: center: [2,5] # medium opacity (0.5) - Circle: center: [5,5] opacity: 0.5 # not opaque at all (1) - Circle: center: [8,5] opacity: 1
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