Layout Basics

One of the primary reasons I created KGJS was to have ability to present multiple linked graphs. (This is a critical element of economic analysis, for example when you want to see how a change in one market affects other markets.) Layouts are pre-set combinations of graphs in different configurations.

The simplest layout is the OneGraph layout, which is what is used for most of the examples in this documentation. It takes a single graph child, which has the definition of the one graph in it. This has an aspect ratio of 1:1, meaning it’s a square:

layout: OneGraph: graph: xAxis: title: X Axis yAxis: title: Y Axis

Because you sometimes don’t need to use all the vertical space afforded by a square graph, there’s also a OneWideGraph layout which has a 2:1 aspect ratio. If you want to have the graph appear to have the same dimensions on both axes, it’s a good idea to double the number of ticks on the horizontal axis and make the scale twice as long:

layout: OneWideGraph: graph: xAxis: title: X Axis ticks: 10 yAxis: title: Y Axis max: 5

The TwoVerticalGraphs layout also has an aspect ratio of 1:1, but each of the graphs in it (defined by the children topGraph and bottomGraph) has an aspect ratio of 2:1:

layout: TwoVerticalGraphs: topGraph: xAxis: title: Top X Axis yAxis: title: Top Y Axis bottomGraph: xAxis: title: Bottom X Axis yAxis: title: Bottom Y Axis

A lot of the time when you use this layout, the horizontal axes have the same value, so we don’t label the top graph’s x-axis. Another trick is to take advantage of the knowledge that the graph will be a rectangle, and adjust the axis values so that the tick marks represent the same values:

layout: TwoVerticalGraphs: topGraph: xAxis: ticks: 10 yAxis: max: 5 title: Top Y Axis bottomGraph: xAxis: ticks: 10 title: X Axis yAxis: max: 5 title: Bottom Y Axis

The TwoHorizontalGraphs layout is has an aspect ratio of 2:1, and places two square graphs (defined by leftGraph and rightGraph) side-by-side:

layout: TwoHorizontalGraphs: leftGraph: xAxis: {title: Left X Axis} yAxis: {title: Left Y Axis} rightGraph: xAxis: {title: Right X Axis} yAxis: {title: Right Y Axis}

There are also layouts for larger numbers of graphs:

There are some additional specialty layouts for economics, which handle things like game matrices and Edgeworth Boxes.

It’s also possible to create a custom layout by positioning a graph exactly where you want to; if you’re interested in finding out more, or requesting additional layouts be constructed, drop me a line.

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